Merge Relatives

Merging is used for two things.

First, to have only one record for a person from multiple import sources, and second, to combine relative records for closely related relatives that are all related to the profile person on the same segments.

Consider carefully which direction you merge identical relatives, as while research notes, surnames, and many other elements of data are merged, Status is not.

To populate the Search Results (right hand column) you will need to complete a search, searched Relative Name, Contact Name, or Email fields via the right click menu on the Relative Notes page, or have used a right click menu to select two or more relatives on the Chromosome or Relative List views.

  1. Select the relative to be kept from the right hand column first.

  2. Then select the relative to be merged from the left hand column.

  3. If these are the same person, select "Same Person". Otherwise, select "Other".
    Acceptable "Other" relationships include
    - merging a child relative into and keeping the parent relative
    - merging siblings who share identical segment data

  4. Check the tick boxes to ensure the correct information is kept in the merge.

  5. Once happy with your choices, click Merge.

A profile person can have a relative merged into their record, but not the other way around.

There are a couple of ways to "undo" a merge.

If you realise your error at the time of merging, then reverting to the backup completed just prior to the merge is your best and quickest option.

If it's been some time since the merge, or since your last backup, there will be more work involved.

First, delete the match keys for the unwanted relative in this record. The now deleted relative should be re-imported in your next import for that source.

Next, assess the DNA Segments and associate ICW / Triangulation data and determine what is "wrong" and what is "right" for the remaining relative.
Delete what is inappropriate via the right click menu options.
If you are in any way unsure about the accuracy of the remaining segment and ICW / Triangulation data, delete all of it.

If you have no research notes you wish kept, and you have too many DNA segments or ICW / Triangulation data to work though, your best option may be to simply delete the relative completely and re-import data.