Region Clusters

Location data is often an important clue in identifying MRCAs, so this page has been developed to assist with this.

Location terminology differs between countries, so regions will be made up of 3 parts.

In the USA this would be "County, State, Country", but can be any 3 divisions regardless of what they are called locally.

Use the right click option on this view to setup Regions of Interest from the Profile's Ancestor List (F6).

This page will display all of the relatives having the selected region in their ahnentafel.

Right clicking on an unpopulated view, will give the option to "Add Regions from Profile"

You will be prompted to choose whether to limit the number of regions to be added to the list or not. Answer as desired.

Your resulting list will be displayed, and should reflect your Ancestor list locations.

If you do not see all of your expected locations, check that your Ancestor list has locations correctly formatted with at least three parts, each separated by commas.

You are able to load regions for one or all profiles, as locations shown on each profile, are specific to that profile. If you switch profiles and have fewer locations than expected, it may be that you have not yet loaded regions for that profile.

One regions have been loaded, use the + symbols to the left of the location name to reveal any relatives who have an Ahnentafel containing that location.

Data shown under the column headings is pulled from elsewhere in the database and should be self-explanatory.

Within the right click (Control-Click on Mac) menu, the Compare Ahnentafel Groups and Compare Profile Groups both lead to the Compare Ahnentafel Details view, and will either show all possible Ahnentafel groups, or will be limited to Profile specific groups only.