Family Comparison

The Family Comparison view has six sections to be used. The content is based on the Relative that has been selected, and the Ahnentafel (if present) that has then been loaded into this view.

If the sections are blank, check if the Ahnentafel tab has been populated. If it has not, import data if it can be obtained (See Ahnentafel for import details), or enter data manually where possible. If the Ahnentafel view has already been populated, use the “Set Relative Lists to Ahnentafel Values” option.

  • Surnames: surnames as imported from a source or filled from an Ahnentafel. Can be manually entered and adjusted.

  • Surnames in Common: looks at the Surnames and compares those names to the current Profile’s surnames that have been loaded via GEDCOM or entered manually into the Ancestors tab. If a match(s) is found, it is displayed here. The right click menu for this box is self-explanatory.
    The "Surnames in Common" heading changes to "(Side) ICW" when only a Side has been assigned on F1.
    The "Surnames in Common" heading changes to "ICW (Family Group)" when a Family Group has been assigned on F1.

  • Possible Connections: populated based selecting a Surname from the Surnames in Common section. The numbers to the left of the names are the generational numbers based on the loaded GEDCOM.

  • Ancestor Details: populated with the profile person’s ancestral information of the person that was selected from the Possible Connections section.

  • Regions in Common: geographic locations in common with the profile. If none appear here, check that the Region Clusters have been set for this profile.

  • Relative’s Ancestor List: populated from the match’s loaded Ahnentafel, showing the details from that tab

Populated View with No surnames or Regions in common.

Fully Populated View with Surnames and Regions in Common

Select a Surname from the "Surnames in Common" area to reveal the Profile's "Possible Connections" and automatically scroll the the Relative's Ancestors list to the same surname. Selecting one of the Profile's ancestors brings up that ancestor's family information to enable comparisons.

Note: Due to the formatting of data when populating a Profile's Ancestor list via Pedigree Thief or One2Tree, Ancestor Details may not be populated if either of these methods were used. Use the Gedcom load to populate this field.