Segment Map

On arrival at this page, your map will be blank, even if you have already assigned MRCA's sides and group names to matches.

Note: The layout and features of the Segment Map changed to this current view in version 2023r03.

Top see the groups available to populate the map, click on the plus symbol next to either Paternal or Maternal on the left hand side. You can click both plus signs and see all groups at once.

To populate the map, select one or more of the groups with either a green or grey background, and use the right click menu to chose "Map Selected Groups".

Clicking on the plus on a grey background group, will show all of the segments, along with side, chromosome number, the overall start and end points, and a number in brackets, indicating how many people share this segment with the current profile. 

Clicking on the plus for a purple background segment, will show the names of the matches as listed in the database, along with the individual start and end points, the cM length, and the child of the MRCA group that the match descends from.

It is possible to select both Paternal and Maternal, right click and select "Map Selected Groups" to see all segments currently assigned to MRCA's. Be prepared to wait, this is the most cpu/memory intensive page and can take a lot of time to load if there are many items to map. 

The right click menu option of "Compare Group Relatives" takes you to the Relative Comparison page allowing for further comparison if needed.

Change Group Colour

To change colour of a group on the F9 page, right-click (Control-Click on Mac) on the desired group and choose "Change Group Colour". The colour for any Group name can be changed from the Segment Map, as well as from the F7 Chromosome Browser page at the top of the screen.

Once you have chosen the "Change Group Color" command from either right click menu, the color picker box will open. Select your desired colour and click OK (Windows). On a Mac, simply close the Colour Picker box and the colour should change.

You can choose to reset all the group colours to a "default" version of colours. Back up before doing so. Be mindful that All profiles with these group names will have their colors reset, and it is best to do this from the youngest generation involved. Grey was intentionally chosen for the profile parents generation to make the other generations more visible.  You can always change it by clicking on the color box.