Base Pairs - In GDAT, the start and stop location of base pairs shared between the Profile person and a Relative is used to establish the DNA segment's length for Mapping.

cMs - Centimorgans is used in GDAT to establish the strength of the relationship between relatives. It is used to exclude distant relatives on import.

ICW - In Common With in GDAT means that two relatives are related to both the Profile person and a Relative but not necessarily on the same DNA segment.

GDAT - Genealogical DNA Analysis Tool

Group - In GDAT, a group represents a cluster of relatives related through the same MRCA

Match Key - Unique value associated with a Relative

MRCA - Most Recent Common Ancestor shared with the Profile person

Profile - The person whose DNA is currently being viewed

SNPs - Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms is used in GDAT to exclude data whose value is too low.

Source - In GDAT, a source is defined as the origin of the DNA import data

Triangulation - Where the profile person and two relatives are all ICW each other on the same DNA segment and on the same side of the family.

X List - A list of relatives that could contribute DNA on the X Chromosome.