Segment MRCAs

The menu item of "Segment MRCAs" leads us to the view of "MRCAs found on Segments"

This view groups lists Relatives by their group assignment, when their status is set to MRCA.

The display also shows the Generation level and side assignment.

Clicking on a column heading will allow for a re-sort of the displayed data.

To see the list of MRCA relatives associated with each group, click on the plus sign next to the group name.

Double clicking the Relative name will go to the Relative's detail pages.

Right clicking (Control-Click on Mac) on the group name will provide an option to display the Relatives on the Compare Group Relatives page.

From time to time, it may be possible to find a relative with status other than "MRCA" in this listing. If this is the case, then a Family Group has been assigned to this group name. Check to see if this assignment is accurate or not, and adjust the relative's record as needed.

Relatives who do not have segments associated with their record will not show up in this listing.