Data Import Tips

Data Import Tips

  • Relative data must be imported first to avoid "Relative Not Found" errors

  • Backup the database before import so if there is an issue, the database can be restored

  • Set the App setting "Use in-memory journalling" to True to improve performance

  • For larger files, split the import file into multiple files using a CSV file splitter program

  • The first time data is loaded, it will take longer than subsequent loads


Issues loading data are the most commonly reported problems. This is because there is no consistency in the format and content of the data being supplied by the testing companies.

Sometimes it is necessary to "fix" the .csv file prior to loading if:

  • The import file has inconsistent quotes in the data fields

  • The import file contains the Enter, LF, or CR characters in the data fields

  • The import file contains the character ~


The cause of data import errors may be that:

  • The profile key is missing or not set up correctly

  • An incorrect data import was selected

  • The Chrome browser was not used for copy/paste of data

  • Relative data was not imported first


Data may have loaded correctly but display options prevent the data from being viewed.
Some causes are:

  • The display options in Settings are set too high

  • The options on the on-page display filter bar are not selected