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Importing data from DNA source locations is done through import data templates. Each template must be “Activated” before it can be used to load data into GDAT, and this is covered in the "Import Templates (F11)" section.

GDAT comes with a collection of “built-in” templates that support the most of the major DNA sources.

Some of the data loads will require the use of a browser. Currently, Chrome is the browser that is supported by GDAT; however, other browsers “may” work. If you are using a browser other than Chrome and have issues, revert to Chrome and see if the issue continues before requesting assistance.

If you are installing a new version of GDAT over a previous version, it is recommended that you “delete” and re-activate all templates that were previously used. This will ensure that any changes to templates that are part of the new version will be used for imports.

The adjacent image shows all of the currently supported data sources, what you activate for your own use will differ from this, as it is recommended to pick one download method for each data source and stick with it.

For more information on downloading and importing data:

Import Results Page

On a Mac, the Import Templates menu item is located under the Edit menu.