ICW Profile Group

While on the surface, this page appears to be the same as "Groups Associated with MRCAs", it is in fact, quite different.

This view takes all of the Group Names from the F6 Ancestor Listing of the current profile, and displays all relatives who also have an Ahnentafel group that is In Common With one of the Profile's groups.

Click on a + box next to a group name.

This will display all the relatives who have this group name in their Ahnentafel list.

In the example below, we can see a match that has not yet been identified, that has an identical group name to the current profile.

Right Clicking (Control-Click on Mac) on the green bar and group name will give us the option to head to the Compare Group Relatives view, allowing us to compare the Ahnentafel of the new match to the profile, and to other matches in the same group.

If you click on a + box and the display does not change, this simply means that while the current profile has this group name, none of their matches do. If you feel that this is in error, you will need to check the match's Ahnentafel for spelling differences compared to the profile.

Double Clicking on a match name, will take you to the F1-F5 page for that match.

If a match name appears within the groupings, but double clicking on the name, or going to the Group Compare page results in this match not appearing, it is likely that this match belongs to a closely related profile to the current profile. You will need to search for this match to find them in the profile they are connected to, but this will serve as a clue for you.