Add New Relative

The Add button, looks like a person's head with a plus sign, is located on the Relatives pages and is an Advanced feature. It has been included to allow a user to manually enter new relatives and/or new ICW information.

Take care when entering data.

  1. Ensure you are on the Profile that the new match should be associated with.

  2. Click Add.

  3. For a New Relative, click "New" and enter name, select the source, enter the relevant key, and then enter the total cMs (no decimals), and the segment count.

  4. To add ICW's right click to add a new line, and enter the name, match key, total cMs shared and number of segments shared for each.

  5. Click Save to add new relative or ICW data. Or click Close to exit without saving.

Important Points

  • The Match Keys being asked for here, are the ones belonging to your match and the ICW's.

  • Match Key's are case sensitive. Ensure you know which case your need your Key letters to be in. Not all sites are the same.

  • FTDNA does not provide a unique Match ID key, and as such, the match name must be used if entering a new match or ICW information this way. This can create duplicates that will need to be merged.

  • On 23andMe, your match's key can be seen in the address bar when viewing their match to you. It is in the same format as your own 23andMe ID.

  • At MyHeritage, your match's key can also be seen in the address bar. It is the second half of the long alphanumeric string, starting with the second D-

  • Gedmatch match keys are the kit number you have compared with.

  • Where and how to find the ICW information varies according to which site you are using. This will not be covered in the guide at this time.

Take care when entering data.