Compare Group Relatives

When the "Show Group Relatives" has been selected from one of the Group Comparison views, we are presented with the following view.

The top left section contains the names and any MRCA notes associated with them for the relatives with the chosen group name, which is shown in the top middle of the area. The currently selected profile is included in the list to assist with things, but other profiles are excluded to avoid visual clutter.

Clicking on a relative's name will display the Line of Ascent between the match and the group name being viewed, as well as display a list of any DNA Segments. It is possible to select more than one relative at a time if desired.

Seq is the Ahnentafel sequence number for where that Ancestor appears in that match's Ahnentafel.

Any column can be clicked on for sorting the data in another way.

Double click on a match name in the top left corner to go directly to the Relative detail pages for that match.

This area can be useful for a variety of reasons as it is designed as an aide to finding MRCA's within loaded ahnentafels, and can help the user locate areas they may wish to investigate further, such as the example shown.

By looking at the lines of ascent for these two matches compared to the tree of the current profile (K Primus), it was possible to determine that A Tundo's ancestor J Cosmo, L A Campum's ancestor J Cosmo, and K Primus' ancestor J Cosmo, were probably one and the same person as they appear to have identical parents. Independent investigation may be needed to confirm this.

Noticing that the two J Cosmo ancestors appear to have had the same surnamed spouse, could prompt a check of that group name, and further investigation. In this case, they were sisters and they shared the same parents.

Thus in this case, A Tundo has three ancestors in common with the profile person: J Cosmo, and his wife's parents A Vitreus and M Sancire.

The MRCA relative to assign for this relative would be E A Cosmo, the ancestor of the profile, who is the child of the common closest ancestor, J Cosmo.