Chromosome Browser

Colour Coding

Names on the Chromosome tab have been color coded according to the source of the data. These colours can be changed, see Source Settings for more information.

The background colours also have meaning.

Top Section

Across the top of the display, underneath the tab menu there are a number of items to help you filter your matches.

From left to right we have:

The main body of the Chromosome tab contains the main match data. Double clicking almost anywhere in the row containing the relative will take you to the Relative Detail section for that match.

Clicking on most of the header titles (e.g. Start, cMs, Status, etc.) will sort the data.

The underlining of Relative Names displayed, indicates an Ahnentafel is present in that relative’s record.

Right Click Menu

Right clicking (Control-Click on Mac) anywhere in a row will provide a set of additional commands.

Display sub-menu

Analysis sub-menu

See Compare Ahnentafel Details for more information on these features.

Mark Side/Group sub-menu

Merge sub-menu

Export sub-menu

Hide/Delete sub-menu

Mini Chromosome Map

At the top of the Chromosome view is a duplication of the Segment Map (if it has been populated) specific to the chromosome that has been selected. The same colors that are used on the Segment Map are also shown here. The graphic associated with the Base Pairs will also be the corresponding colour.

This mini chromosome map can be used to filter overlapping matches if desired. Clicking on a segment in the mini chromosome map performs the same action as right clicking on a match name or segment in the main view and selecting "Show Overlapping DNA Segments". Right Click in the top mini map on a segment to change the color of the corresponding group.

On the right hand side of the view is the “Map Generations” drop down menu. Changing the value here allows you to see different generation levels of DNA source. 

The generation level is determined by the MRCA person assigned to a segment; older generations cover newer generations, so it is possible to not see the mapped segment for someone closely related to you if older segments are completely covering it while viewing all of the possible layers. The "Map generation" level shows all generations at once. When viewing a numbered layer, only the segments known to belong to that generation are shown. The filtering done here only affects the Mini Chromosome Map and does not impact the match display.

Some examples - note the generation value next to “Show Map Layers” and how the visual changes. All images here are for the same chromosome for the same profile, take note of how the view changes depending on the Map Layer, or Generation, being shown.